Aerial Insulated Cables (12KV)

Aerial insulated Cables of rated voltages up to and including 12kV.

This is a kind of climate bearable XLPE insulated aerial cables of copper core, aluminum core, suitable for overhead power line of AC rated voltage U0/U/Um 21/36 (42)kV and below.

Applying terms

  • Rated voltage U0/U/Um: 21/36(42)kV.
  • Long-term permissible working temperature of cable conductor: XLPE insulated cable shall not exceed 90℃.
  • XLPE When core is in short circuit (max 5s) the temperature should not exceed 250℃.
  • The layout temperature of cable shall not be lower than -20℃.
  • Permissible bending radius of cable: The cable whose O.D. is shorter than 25mm, its radius shall not be less than 20D; the cable whose O.D. is 25mm or more than, its radius shall not be less than 15D;
  • The cable insulation resistance should not be less than 4100MΩkm
  • A.C. voltage test 21/36(42)kV: Test voltage 63kV


Model and name
Model kV  Section mm2  Name Main usage
 JkYJ  50-300 Copper-core XLPE insulation aerial cable of rated 21/36(42) voltage Suitable for fixed ower transmission and Lead-in mains. Flexible copper conductor roducts are suitable for transformer’s leading-out. When being erected. It shall be keep a distance away from surrounding trees. It is permitted that the cable in operation may frequently contact with surrounding trees.
JkTRYJ   50-300 Copper-core XLPE insulation aerial cable of rated 21/36(42) voltage
 JkLYJ  50-300 Aluminium-core XLPE insulation aerial cable of rated 21/36(42) voltage